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Adeyemi Adegbesan is a Toronto based photographic artist whose practice aims to examine the intersectionality of black identity. Reflecting on blackness through pre-colonial – colonial - present day and future timelines, across regions, religions, varying levels of income, and political lines; Adegbesan interrogates the dichotomy of the richness of black experiences with the imposed societal homogeneity of ‘Blackness’. Through his work Adegbesan pulls from these varying elements to create Afro-futuristic portraits that embody history, future, and culture all in one.


2019 1000 Paths Home | Union Station | Toronto, ON

2019 Holding Space | Project (Patel) Gallery | Toronto, ON

2018-19 Art, Beats & Lyrics (group show) | various venues | Richmond, VA; Birmingham, AL; Chicago, IL; St. Louis, MS; Houston, TX; Miami, FL; Charlotte, NC; Louisville, KY;

2018 Manifesto Art Show (group show) | 146 Ossington | Toronto, ON

2016 Sawubona (group show) | Daniels Spectrum | Toronto, ON

2015 Black Future Month: 3015 (group show) | OCAD University | Toronto, ON

2014 Black Future Month: 3014 (group show) | Daniels Spectrum | Toronto, ON



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